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State of the Union

Hugh Todd

Hi everyone! I thought I would give you all an update about the status of my current work and my plans for the futures.

I’m all done with my work on Changewinter, at least until I find a publisher or agent that want me to make some improvements to it. Currently, I’m querying agents to try and find one willing to represent it to publishers. No luck so far, but its only been a few weeks and these things (like everything involved in writing/publishing books) takes time. I have high hopes, but not high expectations, so at this point, my spirits are in good sorts. I have a good long list of agents to hit up and I’m pretty sure I can find more, so I may be working on this for a while.

My work on writing my second novel, tentatively titled Jack’s Fist has been slow, but consistent. I should finish the first draft by early next year at the latest. I’ve been pitching the idea for this novel as Mission Impossible set in an epic fantasy setting, but I’m now realizing that Jack’s Fist is really an origin story for the characters. It has turned into a whole bunch of world building (one of the reasons it’s been so slow), but the story itself has drifted a bit from the Mission Impossible idea. So, I’m already working on ideas for the next novel, set in the same universe, that would be much more MI-like. Not that Jack’s Fist is a waste of time. I would have needed to do this work before I could write the next novel anyway.

In between the two Jack novels I will probably write a couple of short stories that have been bouncing around inside my head for a while, just as a break between novel writing. Either way, I think I can get them, as well as the new Jack novel done by the end of next year to hopefully hit my planned novel-a-year schedule.

After that, (2015?), I plan to tackle an idea I’ve been working on for a while: Iconica. The idea is that some scientific experiment gone haywire (Large Hadron Collider?), changes a fundamental rule of quantum mechanics causing icons or symbols to have real-world effects. For example, a superman t-shirt might actually give someone limited invulnerability and strength. Or a wedding ring will actually influence people to become more faithful. I plan on using a World War Z-like format, that is a series of interviews with different people relating the growing changes made in the world by this effect. Should be fun!

Finally (2016?), I’m hoping that my writing chops will finally be up to tackling Coming of Age. This is my book about a story (anthropomorphised as a young man) who, like all untold stories, is trying to find a writer to tell him. I have a basic plot and lots of character ideas, but my first attempts to start this novel made me realize that I wasn’t quite good enough to tackle one of my favorite ideas.

Anyway, that’s my current plan. It is, of course, open to change based on actually selling something or any of the other various twists that life can put in your way.

What do you think?