Adventure Awaits

Hey Everyone!

I’ve decided to post a story I wrote for a friend of mine, Zachariah Owens. He has not only created his own pen and paper roll playing game (like dungeons and dragons for those of you who don’t follow such things), but has built an original world (populated with its own interesting races, factions and politics) for the game to be played in. He asked me to write a story that would help introduce and (hopefully) excite people about the world he so carefully put together. I jumped at the chance!

The story is supposed to give you a taste of Zach’s world and leave you wanting more, so hopefully it will be just self-descriptive enough to make sense. Any issues with it are, of course, all mine and no reflection on Zach’s amazingly creative mind!

Please enjoy Adventure Awaits and let me know what yo think of it by replying to this post.

4 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits

  1. Laura

    Great story, I really enjoyed it! Very polished.

    Yes, it was self-descriptive enough to make sense, but not so much that the action ground to a halt. That’s hard to do in a short story with multiple new species to introduce.

    I’m not looking to add a new game to my repertoire, but I really like Zach’s world! Maybe you could write some more stories about it. :-)

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