About me

Hugh Todd


In case you don’t know the author of this site, it’s me, Hugh A. Todd.

I’m a former Jazz Pianist, Air Traffic Controller, System’s Administrator, Toy Designer, Project Manager, QA Analyst, Recruiter and Producer who realized that he really just wanted to be a writer all along. I grew up in Sacramento, ┬álived mostly in the Northern California Bay Area, although I lived for two years in Hong Kong, one in New Jersey and now currently reside in Orange County.

I’ve written short stories (even sold a few), a novel (with another coming along nicely) and now this blog.

I’m interested in most everything, but my particular interests are jazz, science, technology, video games, boardgames, books, movies, TV, comic books and all the little sub-interests that surround those subjects. Definitely in the category of geek interests, but there it is. Still, I try to stay open minded and love to become interested in new things.

If you want to send me an email (maybe to interest me in new things?) please send it to admin({at])hugetoad.com (replacing all that mess in the middle with an @ sign, of course).